A small but significant matter which shows again how completely and utterly hopeless the Carr/Iemma government is.
(Perhaps some of you are saying that perhaps I would get further if I was nicer to the Carr/Iemma government. In my experience, that doesn't work either. Nothing works!)
In this report of a decision of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, this appears - it is an exact copy of a section of the report, which, if you don't believe me, you can look at for yourself.
In a way this is a very small thing, but a significant thing - all through the reports of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, dates are sometime shown with the number of the day first and sometimes with the number of the month first in a quite random and confusing way, so that often you are not sure, (and sometimes it's impossible to be sure,) of the date that is being referred to.
And here is an example of two dates, within a centimetre of each other, where the two different ways of expressing a date are used - the "16/11/2005" and the "11/16/2005". In this instance, purely by chance, you can work out that they are both referring to the same date, because there is no 16th month.
But what about when it's the 8/11/2005? Is this the 8 Nov 2005, or the 11 Aug 2005? As I say, sometimes it's just impossible to work out.
Now if you think that the people responsible for producing these reports might see this and would, of their own volition, say, "Hey, we need to fix this," you have obviously had no exposure at all to the public servants who work for the Carr/Iemma government.
And if you think that if you drew this problem to the attention of people higher up in the Carr/Iemma government it would be fixed, you have obviously had no exposure at all to those higher up in the Carr/Iemma government.
What needs to happen?
Someone with a bit of authority in the Carr/Iemma government, if he or she didn't already know which public servant could change this, needs to send out a few emails to people who might know which public servant could change this, pointing out the problem - they could provide a link to this page, if it was helpful - and asking, "Who is the public servant who could fix this problem?" and keep sending out emails until they found out. Then they could send an email to that public servant simply saying, "Hey, it would be good if this problem could be fixed".
And what are the chances of this happening?
In my experience, with the Carr/Iemma government, absolutely nil.
You could send a thousand letters to people high up in the Carr/Iemma government, to everyone from Mr Iemma down, and not a damn thing would happen.
They would most likely "dig their toes in" and do nothing, just to spite you.
They seem to have the attitude that something like this would be "pushing them around" and they're not going to be pushed around.
Created: 29 Mar 2008 Updated: 29 Mar 2008