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I was interested to learn recently that when William Gladstone was the Prime Minister of England, he used to open his own mail, and answer letters from his constituents in his own handwriting.
Morris Iemma clearly belongs to an era nearly as bygone in the sense that he obviously believes that he can treat those of his constituents that still write to him with total contempt and no one is going to find out about it.
Emails to and from Morris Iemma - experience number 1 - "Allegations in today's Sydney Morning Herald"
It would seem that Mr Iemma has a real "blind spot" when it comes to sexual abuse. This is putting it kindly - one could be forgiven for thinking he just doesn't care about it, especially when the perpetrator is a Carr/Iemma government employee.
Emails to and from Morris Iemma - experience number 2 - "The availability of Doctors who can prescribe the drug buprenorphine"
We continue to be flabbergasted by how unresponsive Mr Iemma is to emails sent to him, even though some of them are about very important subjects. It's as though his attitude to the people of New South Wales is, "See you in 2011. Until then I'll just be sending out my inane little form letters."
Emails to and from Morris Iemma - experience number 3 - "New South Wales under Premier Iemma"

A young guy X is accosted by 3 State Rail Officers, (these "thugs" hunt in packs of 3,) when he gets off a train and is told, "You look like someone who was causing trouble at ABC railway station, give us your name and address". When X suggests that he might not give them his name and address, because he hasn't even been near ABC railway station, these thugs say, "Alright mate, we'll call the police". So it will be three thugs plus the police against X! So he gives them his name and address. A few days later he gets a fine for $100 in the mail, for disobeying a State Rail Officer!

So we write to State Rail and get a response from a remarkably ignorant person whose basic attitude is, "See ya in court!" - while at the same time admitting that the only thing X could be being fined for is not giving his name and address??? Not giving his name and address??? Then how did they know who to send the fine to???

So we write to Morris Iemma and he doesn't reply because he's too busy rubbing his hands together and chanting, "Another easy 100 bucks for the State coffers! Aren't I a clever boy!" At no stage do you ever think that you could locate even a half decent person within the Carr/Iemma government and it's whole bureaucracy with whom you could have a half decent conversation about problems such as this - and they're happening all the time.

Emails to and from Morris Iemma - experience number 4 - "Protecting the health and safety of the people of NSW"
Emails to and from Morris Iemma - experience number 5 - "Dealing with one of your children being bullied by other children in a NSW government school"
New South Wales under Premier Morris Iemma - story number 1

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