Michael Coutts-Trotter
Emails to and from Michael Coutts-Trotter - experience number 1 - "Dealing with one of your children being bullied by other children in a NSW government school"
23 Oct 2007: We sent this letter by email to Mr Coutts-Trotter.
This letter has been sent on the basis that if the Director-General of NSW Education doesn't know how to deal with one of your children being bullied in a NSW government school, then God help us all!
27 Nov 2007: We received this email from Mr Coutts-Trotter.
Obviously, because the emailed letter above is a copy, the links in it don't work - so here they are in a form that works.
28 Nov 2007: We sent this reply to Mr Coutts-Trotter.
5 Feb 2008: Not having heard from Mr Coutts-Trotter in any way, we sent him this further email.
Almost immediately, we got this reply.
Created: 23 Oct 2007 Updated 5 Feb 2008