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I always used to say that Bob Carr couldn't run a chook raffle! But I always thought, at the same time, that Bob Carr wouldn't have really taken exception to anyone saying this. He would have said, "My job, my strength, is getting good headlines in the "Tele"". As I heard one journalist say on the radio once, "As far as Bob Carr is concerned, a day in which he has got 2 or 3 good headlines in the "Tele" is a day in which New South Wales has had good government!"
Morris Iemma, (NSW Premier since 3 Aug 2005,) can't even get good headlines in the Daily Telegraph. See the main headline in today's "Tele". (24 Oct 2007)
But it seems he can't run a chook raffle either, because running the NSW Legal Practitioner's Disciplinary Register, is a lot less complicated than running a chook raffle, and he certainly can't do this.
The theory is that if you go to the NSW Legal Practitioner's Disciplinary Register, if you do a search on a solicitor's name you will find out whether there have been any adverse findings against him or her. Except it doesn't work that way, because the register is so hopelessly maintained by the Legal Services Commissioner, Steve Mark. To maintain it properly, an entry would need to be made about every 10 days. To do this, it seems, is way beyond the ability of Mr Mark and his office.
See our emails to Steve Mark.
See our emails to John Hatzistergos, who we understand is Mr Mark's "boss".
Created: 24 Oct 2007 Updated: 18 Mar 2008