The Carr/Iemma Government's management of their Mobility Parking Scheme
27 Oct 2007: Emails to and from Eric Roozendaal, the Minister for Roads - experience number 1 - "The Carr/Iemma Government's management of their Mobility Parking scheme"
27 Oct 2007: We sent Mr Roozendal this letter by email.
27 Oct 2007: We got this email in reply, to which we sent a reply straight away.
Terribly obviously, it would have taken a lot less time to send us an email saying, "No, there isn't such an email address", or "Yes, here's the email address - blah! blah! blah!" than to compose and send us this email. But that's not the way the Carr/Iemma government and it's ministers work.
After all, they have to think of all the ways and means they can to keep their public servants busy.
Michael Costa, the present Carr/Iemma treasurer, made a very public claim a couple of years ago that New South Wales had 20% more public servants than it needed - a claim he was clearly prepared to stick to until Bob Carr obviously "pulled him into line".
I'm sure they have some of their public servant drafting things with quills and bottles of ink to keep them busy!
Some time after 4 Mar 2008 (for as long as it took a "snail mail" letter to get from Sydney to Parramatta, and for me to clear my PO box,) I got this reply.
So more than 4 months and 6 days after I had provided my postal address, I got, by "snail mail", a letter that told me there was an email address one could use to "dob in" people who abuse the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme, and what it was - signed by a Michael Daley MP.
This letter made me wonder whether Michael Daley MP, a corporate lawyer, no less, ever thought, "I wonder whether this is what I became a member of Parliament for - to be writing a "snail mail" letter about an email address more than 4 months after it was requested, when it could have been handled in less than 2 minutes by a secretary more than 4 months ago using an email.
Or perhaps he's an enthusiastic supporter of the Carr/Iemma way. He certainly "padded out" his letter with 5 paragraphs which had nothing to do with what I had asked. That would have filled in some of the typist's time!
Created: 27 Oct 2007 Updated: 17 Mar 2008