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Note: The best email address we have been able to get to take up problems with the bank is - an address we have found out the hard way you won't get from them by phoning them or filling in one of their horrible little forms. We only got it by sending a "snail mail" letter to Ralph Norris, the bank's managing director and CEO.
28 Oct 2007: Emails to and from the Commonwealth Bank - experience number 1 - "An email address to which we can send an extremely serious complaint"
12 Nov 2007: I guess if you send the same message to an organisation as sleazy as the Commonwealth Bank 4 times and get no reply, you're not going to get a reply if you send it 104 times. So we are not going to bother.
12 Nov 2007: "Snail Mail" letters to and from the Commonwealth Bank - experience number 1
14 Nov 2007: We get a response - and perhaps a good email address!
The sleazier an organisation is, the more you only want to deal with them by email. You don't want to trust what their people have to say either in person or over the phone, so you want to do things by email. But the sleazier an organisation is, the less they want things to be done by email, the less they want to be bound by what their people say either in person or over the phone, and therefore the less they want to let you have any email addresses??? This seems to be where we're at with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
In early January 2007, the bank took a set of documents away from a settlement to be registered so that the purchaser of a share in a property could have it registered in her name. More than nine and a half months later the property is still in the vendor's name. You can hardly imagine a more alarming state of affairs, greater negligence by a financial institution. So you want to email the institution to find out what's happening, and they won't give you an email address to use despite your repeated requests. Such is the way the Commonwealth Bank of Australia conducts itself.
Should you deal with such a bank? We have presented certain material to help you decide. Our view based on this material? You'd be stark raving mad if you did in any circumstances. There's only one way to deal with such organisations and that's not to deal with them.
Dealing with the Commonwealth Bank - experience number 1
Created: 31 Oct 2007 Modified: 14 Nov 2007