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Our aim with this section of our website is to provide you our visitors with everything you might ever want to know about pre-purchase pest inspections and inspectors.
(If you think we've left anything out, email us and we'll see what we can do.)
Obviously this can only be done in collaboration with a lot of people - hopefully with the very best pre-purchase pest inspectors.
Equally obviously, this section is a work in progress - we only started it on 31 Oct 2007 - and probably always will be.
PLEASE NOTE: derives no income or benefit of any kind from the pre-purchase pest inspection people and organisations we list on this site. Our only interest is in providing helpful and reliable information to you our visitors. So if you have any problems whatever with anyone on this list, email us and your interests will be our immediate and first concern.
What are pre-purchase pest inspections and inspectors?
Things that can go wrong - story number 1 and story number 2
Pre-Purchase Pest Inspectors - our list
How fast are termites?
"Visual Inspections" and "More Invasive Physical Inspections"
Created: 31 Oct 2007 Updated: 19 Nov 2007