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Over the years, your webmaster has spent a fair bit of time on the company Jetstar Airways, mainly because, as a company, it fascinates us.
It fascinates us, firstly, because we know of no company or organisation that carries to such extreme the business model that you allocate no people and resources - and we mean NONE - to dealing with the problems of customers when things go wrong, in the quest to be cheap, (or at least, to appear to be cheap.) The fact is that if, in your dealings with Jetstar, you have a problem, no one in the whole of Jetstar wants to know about it, least of all it's top management.
Jetstar provides no email address, no fax number, no PO box number and no geographical address to which you can direct letters in which you take up your concerns - for more on this click here
But the thing that fascinates us even more, is that perhaps we, the people, WANT to have an airline like that to deal with. Perhaps people in general would like to pay 5-10% less for their airfare, (not that Jetstar is always 5-10% cheaper than other airlines - in fact other airlines are often 5-10% cheaper than Jetstar,) and just assume that nothing will go wrong. Perhaps we're that stupid!
Jetstar's efforts to stop customers with complaints contacting them
Emailing and Faxing Jetstar - click here
What to do if Jetstar loses your luggage - click here
Jetstar story number 1 - in which Jetstar loses one of it's passenger's luggage, and appear not to care in the slightest. Click here
Jetstar like to promote the myth that if you send a "snail mail" letter to the GPO box number, you get "VIP treatment" as to opposed to if you email them. That's not our experience.
Created: 22 Nov 2007 Updated: 18 Mar 2007