Jetstar's efforts to stop customers with complaints contacting them
A few months ago we discovered and wrote about the fact that, to our astonishment, despite our best efforts in phoning Jetstar and searching their website and so on, we could not locate either an email address or a fax phone number to which you could address complaints.
We had never known of a company or organisation like this before.
Clearly, Jetstar top management didn't want to even know about any problems anyone might be having in dealing with Jetstar, let alone respond to any complaints.
But in the last few days, we have discovered to our even greater astonishment, that Jetstar has carried this even further.
When we did our research before, at least there was a PO Box, (or perhaps even PO Boxes,) you could write to.
Now if you go to Jetstar's website, there aren't even these, as far as I can see. As at 3 Feb 2008, this is what appears on their website.
They say you can send feedback "in writing to the applicable address" - but there are not even details of PO boxes.
But wait, there is more!
Suppose you say to yourself, "Well, I'll just send my letter to their geographical address," it seems that every effort has been made to stop you from knowing what their geographical address is.
If you go to the White Pages website, this is what appears - or at least this is what appeared for CG on 3 Feb 2008.
And when you clicked on the "More information about this business" link, this is what came up!
(We looked through a number of pages in the Sydney White Pages Business & Government book, and didn't find one other entry that didn't have a geographical address attached to it!)
So, Jetstar say, "At Jetstar we value our customer's feedback." BUT, they provide
No email address you can send emails to.
No fax numbers you can send faxes to.
No PO boxes you can write to.
No geographical address you can write to.
(We all know how unsatisfactory phone calls are if you want to find things out or make complaints. And we have had emails from people saying they spent hours hanging on the phone trying to get to speak to someone at Jetstar, and got nowhere.)
We are going to send a copy of this page of our website to a PO Box that worked for us some months ago - GPO Box 4713, Melbourne, 3001, inviting comments from Jetstar. We suspect it will come back marked, "Not known at this address." But we will post here details of anything that we get back as soon as we receive it.
Created: 3 Feb 2008 Modified: 3 Feb 2008