Emailing and Faxing Jetstar
We have been doing work on Jetstar, on and off, for more than two years now, and it is the strangest company! It's people seem entirely without direction.
In this page on our older website, we describe our efforts to try to get email addresses and fax numbers to be in touch with Jetstar, and we were told quite definitely and unconcernedly that there were none - you had to send "snail mail" letters to a Melbourne GPO box.
Then about 3 or 4 months ago, in circumstances that, to be honest, I can't exactly remember, we became aware of these two email addresses - and, which seemed to work to a certain extent, although we did try to use them to send emails to Jetstar's higher management and got nowhere.
Then, on 5 March, 2008, we got an email from a travel agent in the UK, claiming that 8 emails had been sent from the UK to about some luggage they claimed Jetstar had lost, with no result and could we help.
So, it appeared, we now had three email addresses - although, to be honest, we never got to work, emails sent to it were always returned
We sent them this reply - and we sent a copy to the three email addresses we had.
And surprise! surprise! we got a response from! So we now have another email address for Jetstar.
And after many emails backwards and forwards, we got this email which includes a Victorian fax number!
But, we are told in big letters - "All future feedback from customers must be sent to us via mail as previously advised."
Crazy crazy stuff!
To us, if you are looking for luggage that Jetstar has lost, it hardly seems appropriate to call it "feedback".
And if you are looking for luggage that Jetstar has lost, you are hardly likely to be writing to a PO box in Melbourne if you have this email address and this fax number.
Created: 13 Mar 2008 Updated: 13 Mar 2008