Things that can happen to you if you try to travel with Jetstar.
If you are to believe an emailer who recently emailed us, if you book a flight with Jetstar, these things could happen to you.
Firstly, when you go to take your flight, and notwithstanding that you have obviously paid "upfront" for your flight, Jetstar tells you that it turns out "there is no plane to take you to Sydney." In other words Jetstar has booked a plane load of people to fly to Sydney, and collected all their money without even knowing that there is a plane to take the flight - perhaps even knowing there ISN'T a plane to take them to Sydney.
Secondly, you have to pay $530 for a one way ticket with another airline to get you to Sydney for an appointment.
Thirdly, you send a snail mail letter to Jetstar's Post Office box, (because they don't display a geographical address, a fax number or an email address where they can be contacted on their website or even in the phone books,) and get a reply from them telling you it will take them 10 weeks to process a refund and for compensation to be assessed.
Fourthly, long after the 10 weeks has expired, you have heard nothing further from them - it would appear that Jetstar must really have fianancial troubles.
Fifthly, when it comes to Jetstar, Consumer Affairs Victoria, seems particularly hopeless and useless - perhaps they are getting some sort of kickbacks from Jetstar.
This is a direct quote from the email we received.
We intend to follow this matter up as time allows.
Created: 21 May 2008 Updated: 22 May 2008