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For details on Ms Holt, go to the NSW Law Society's website, and use it's search facility.
A bottom line - on Caldwell Martin Cox, NSW solicitors and their employee, Caroline Elizabeth Holt - click here
Here are some details on an incident with Ms Holt - an incident which we think may lead you to the conclusion, "Never deal with Ms Holt in any way!"
Warning: If you have to deal with Ms Holt, just keep asking her to acknowledge her receipt of any emails you send her, and don't move on until she does. This can be a bit of a chore, as she almost always acknowledges emails slowly and reluctantly, at best. But if you haven't got her acknowledgement of an email, it is just as likely that she will deny that she got it and abuse you for not sending her anything. Then it will be virtually her word against yours - and then where will you be?
Created: 10 Mar 2008 Updated: 1 Apr 2008