A bottom line - on Caldwell Martin Cox, NSW solicitors and their employee, Caroline Elizabeth Holt.
On 3 December 2007, Ms Holt of Caldwell Martin Cox, solicitors, wrote a letter to a young couple, Justin and Nicole, which was so low in quality it was/is just laughable.
An aspect of this letter was that it seemed to be saying that the law is such and such, when it isn't that at all - although the letter is so badly written that it's hard to work out what it is saying about this or anything else.
This letter was ignored by Justin and Nicole. So Ms Holt wrote them a further letter on 24 January 2008, threatening legal proceedings within 7 days, and, ironically, berating them for not making use of the "window of opportunity" she had given them to respond to her letter and negotiate - ironical in view of Ms Holt's subsequent conduct.
It was a letter that would do credit to a thug.
Justin and Nicole having sought our assistance, we sent Ms Holt a letter by email on 31 January 2008 pointing out certain things in the matter and concluding with, "We look forward to receiving your acknowledgement of your receipt of this email - after all, it only takes five seconds - and hearing further from you as we all try to get to the bottom of the issues in this matter."
Justin and Nicole sent her their own letter on 20 February 2008, providing some more information, and ending their letter in more or less the same way.
On 10 March 2008, (39 days days after we had sent our letter of 31 January 2008,) nothing had been heard from Ms Holt.
She was clearly quite happy to leave Justin and Nicole with the threats of her letter of 24 January 2008 "hanging" over them - which we think was/is quite sleazy.
So we set out to try and get Ms Holt to let Justin and Nicole know what was going on.
We sent a series of emails to Caldwell Martin Cox's three partners, as set out on their website - Angus Cox, Chris Paul and Bill McGookin.
Such is the quality of these partners that we got nowhere.
On 17 March 2008, (46 days days after we had sent our letter of 31 January 2008,) nothing has been heard from Ms Holt.
Justin and Nicole are still "hanging".
We have tried to provide quite a lot of detail on all this - here and here and here.
But if the above is not enough to convince you to avoid ever dealing with Ms Holt, and Caldwell Martin Cox - well! - be it on your own head.
It is obvious they are dominated by the old philosophy made famous by the likes of Margaret Thatcher and John Howard - "Never apologise, never explain."
In saying all this, we are not ruling out entirely the possibility that someone from Caldwell Martin Cox might suddenly "pull a rabbit out of the hat" and send something sensible to either Justin and Nicole or us that might change things. If that happens, we promise we'll put it up here immediately.
Created: 16 Mar 2008 Updated: 17 Mar 2008