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Henry Vincent Grech, NSW Solicitor
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In June, 1999, Mr Grech ended up with a sum of some $1,100 in his trust account, which he was supposed to pay to a finance company to finalise an indebtedness a Mr Shamoun had to that finance company.
But he didn't do it.
So Mr Shamoun started writing to Mr Grech, but got no response from Mr Grech.
So Mr Shamoun made a complaint to the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner.
After quite a time, it transpired that Mr Grech had put the $1,100 into his own pocket.
(Most people would call this "stealing" Mr Shamoun's money.)
And, as it turned out, Mr Grech NEVER paid the $1,100 to the finance company.
It appears that, after more than three years, in which Mr Grech had the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner and the Law Society "breathing down his neck" a lot of the time , Mr Grech gave Mr Shamoun the $1,100 - not with any compensation for his time or trouble or the extra costs he would have incurred with the finance company, as far as we know.
So what did the Administrative Decisions Tribunal decide, when the matter eventually came before them, more than 6 years later?
That Mr Grech had done nothing wrong!!!???
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Created: 28 Mar 2008 Updated: 6 Apr 2008