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Graeme Stephen Reeves, NSW Doctor who was deregistered in 2004
In a sense, this section of our website is not about Graeme Reeves - after all he was deregistered as a doctor in 2004, and, presumably is unlikely to trouble the people of New South Wales any more.
It is more about how completely and utterly useless the Carr/Iemma government is.
It is the view that one decent investigation of Graeme Reeves' activities in 1997 reported to the Health Care Complaints Commission, (perhaps even a half decent investigation!) and the presentation of the findings of such an investigation in such a way as to be readily available to the people of NSW would have saved hundreds of people a great deal of pain and suffering, and perhaps dozens of lives.
(It was reported that over 1200 people were concerned enough about Mr Reeves to email one of the media outlets about him, after the Graeme Reeves story got some publicity.)
But the Health Care Complaints Commission and the NSW Medical Board are not about that sort of thing.
If we are to believe the media, all that happened over the seven years from 1997 until 2004 was that the Health Care Complaints Commission built up a file of information on Mr Reeves which was a foot thick, (or high,) none of which was made available to the New South Wales public, in any form, let alone in a conveniently accessible form.
Goodness knows why!
And what is crystal clear now is that the only thing the Health Care Complaints Commission and the NSW Medical Board are about now, is trying to turn up something that might make them appear to be not quite the incompetent bumbling idiots that they are now perceived to be. thinks this is an obscene waste of valuable resources - that these valuable resources should be being used to deal properly with the other Graeme Reeves that are undoubtedly "out there" right now.
The pathetic notice that appears on the website of the NSW Medical Board regarding Graeme Reeves, (at least it did on 1 Apr 2008.) Click here
Created: 1 Apr 2008 Updated: 13 Apr 2008