People who can do work for you on your PC/Mac remotely
Remote assistance generally
To the potential that the internet and websites has opened up continues to be more and more mind blowing.
(To us it's a little bit like printing. Up to a certain point in our history, books could only be reproduced by people hand writing them - and then printing came along. And hundreds of years later we are still finding new and better things that can be done with printing. We believe that it's likely that in hundreds of years time people will still be finding new and better things that can be done with the internet and websites.)
One development that we have only become really aware of recently is that people anywhere in the world can take control of your computer and carry out tasks on it for you.
We have been, of course, aware that through emails and websites, experts anywhere in the world could advise you as to what to do - but for them to actually do it!!!???
With Apple Macs it is done with a program called Apple Remote, I think - I don't really know that much about it all.
The only thing I know is that my son Darren, (who I have always relied on heavily to help me with all things Mac,) was recently able to take control of my computer and do something to get me going with Dreamweaver again, even though he was interstate, and even though he was only connected to the internet wirelessly - which I find staggering.
(When it comes to computers, I always say that I would be nowhere without my children, and that's not how it should be, although for lots of people that seems to be how it is.)
Obviously, the same thing is possible in the world of PCs - a friend of mine who works for one of the big four banks, says that often when he has a problem with his PC at work, someone in the technical department of the bank can take control of his computer and fix things for him.
We would love to know of people who can do this for people who don't have children "in the business" and those who are not working for big organisations - so we could publicise them on our site. Do you know of any?
(In the short term, Darren will be able to meet all my needs but, as he is now training to be a pilot in a career change, I can foresee a time when I too will possibly want to know of people who perhaps know more than Darren as he spends less and less time in the world of computers.)
Created: 10 Apr 2008 Updated: 15 Apr 2008